Who we are

RUCbar is run by RUC students who want to give back to their fellow students' social environments by running an inclusive space for all purposes, and hosting a variety of events where all students can mingle and meet each other. There is a management team of up to 15 people, who are responsible for the day to day administration of the café and bar and who, together with a Board, help set the direction and goals of RUCbar as an organisation and social gathering place.


What we do

RUCbar runs the café and bar in RUC's Student House (Building 13) and serves coffee, sodas, beers and drinks at very student-friendly prices. Several times a semester, we host some of the largest parties on campus, either in the Student House or in the Canteen. Otherwise, we arrange smaller events in the Student House and provide a comfortable space for RUC's students and staff to study, unwind, and mingle. If you have an event you'd like to host in the café space or a great idea you think we should implement, then just go to the Contact page for more info.