If you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share with us, please feel welcome to contact us on Email.

To answer your mail the best possible way, we kindly ask you to consider the category of your approach – If you are interested in a meeting concerning future cooperation or if you need to contact the chairman. – If you have an idea for an awesome event or you want to collaborate with us. – If you would like to apply to be a bartender (see 'How to join RUCbar') or in case of internal problematics to be taken up with the Human Resource. – In case of questions concerning orders and deliveries. – If something is broken or needs maintenance. For example, if a tile in the adjacent area is loose or the wood decking is dangerously slippery. – If any of the above doesn't apply to your request; safety, security etc. or if you have a complaint or wish to report an incident in relation to RUCbar.

Minutes generel assembly 2023